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A small introduction about myself


Thiago F. Festa


Toledo, PR, Brazil




San Francisco, CA




Photography, Cycling

Hi, my name is Thiago! I was born and raised in Toledo a small town in the state of Paraná located in south Brazil. Since child I was amazed by computers and programming languages, my first website framed HTML with lots of animated gifs was developed using Microsoft FrontPage 2000 around my 10 years old.

Around end of 2006 I started learning PHP and MySQL; In 2007 I was already envolved on PHP Brazilian's websites and contributing with open source code and articles (PHPBrasil article, PHPBrasil script, also some PHPNuke modules).

I started studying Information Technology in 2008 and graduated in December 2011, while in college I always worked as developer or CS related jobs. After ending my college I got a job offer to work in the United States for as Front End Engineer. Currently I am working for DocuSign as Software Engineer.

This is who I am. To the infinity and beyond!

If you are looking for more information about me, bellow you can see more details. Thank you.

My Skills

These is what I am good at


All I did have this, always trying to be updated.


I love it!


First JS framework I learned.

AngularJS / BackboneJS

I am not a ninja, but looking forward.


After using it, become hard to develop big projects without it.


Lets avoid mistakes and make everything testable.


So many tools, as a frontend developer we need to keep all organized, thank you GruntJS.


My first backend language and database. I have some knowledge but I am currently focusing on frontend.

I also can mention about some other skills that I know:
• Advanced Skills: Sass, Compass, XML, JSON;
• Intermediate: NodeJS, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, Yeoman, Bower, JamJS, Dojo, Phonegap, PHP, Java, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Symfony, Zend Framework, Code Igniter, SQL Express;
• Beginner: Apache, Python, Ruby, Photoshop, Fireworks, CorelDraw.

Curriculum Vitae

My education and work experience


Bachelor in Information Technology

Faculdade Sul Brasil - FASUL

2008 - 2011
As a student:
• My group (me and more 4 friends) won the first Olympiad in Informatics promoted by FASUL in March 2008;
• Created a group of study of Python called GEPy (Grupo de Estudos em Python, Study Group of Python);

As an author:
• Completion of Course Work - 2011 - Software of relational data modelling in a Web environment using HTML 5.

As a teacher:
• 2010 - Development of websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript focused on jQuery
Work Experience

Software Engineer

DocuSign, San Francisco-CA

December 2015 – Present
• Designed and built new and existing features on DocuSign's eSignature platform and submodules;
• Integrated Estate Assist products into the DocuSign platform;
• Worked on building new marketing high traffic pages, resulting in increased revenue.


T F Sistemas Web EIRELI, Toledo-PR-Brazil

September 2015 – January 2016
• IT outsourcing services, mostly in software development area.

Front End Engineer

Estate Assist (acquired by DocuSign), San Francisco-CA

April 2014 – August 2015
• Designed and built new and exiting features on a life planning and identity theft product that includes the secure storage of important personal, financial and digital assets.
• I worked in these 3 different applications:
- Main Application: built with Rails, AngularJS, GruntJS, Compass, running on Heroku;
- Corporation website: built with no backend, frontend done with AngularJS, GruntJS, Compass, running on Nginx and Node;
- Blog: built with Wordpress (developed themes and plugins), running on Apache.

Front End Engineer (acquired by LinkedIn), San Francisco-CA

November 2011 – February 2014
• Design and build new features and update existing features on a high-traffic job search web site, compatible with all major browsers also a mobile version;
• Optimize site performance using a variety of techniques including improving algorithms, using minified files and compressed images, loading JavaScript files on-demand, and increase render speed of templates;
• Created and update a JavaScript Error Tracking system which helps a lot to make a bug-free web site;
• Left when it was acquired by LinkedIn.


Fusionfly, Remote

December 2010 – November 2011
• Development and maintenance of web applications;
• Development and maintenance of iPhone and iPad applications integrated with their web sites.

Computer Technician

Inside Sistemas, Toledo-PR-Brazil

June 2010 – December 2010
• Installs, maintains, troubleshoots and upgrades.

Webdeveloper Freelancer (Owner)

WP-Brainiac, Remote

April 2009 – June 2010
• Web side development and update;
• Development of WordPress themes.


StartSoftware, Toledo-PR-Brazil

June 2008 – March 2009
• Development and maintenance of an web ERP, written in Java and MySQL;
• Development and maintenance of a system of tickets made in PHP and MySQL and Oracle 10g;
• Development and maintenance of an instant messaging system written in Java and MySQL, with integration with the ticket system through sockets;
• Development of a HR system made in PHP and MySQL.